Training clothes

New functional T-shirts "Everything For Dogs" JLDog for 2023/2024

New functional T-shirt and cap

You can order an original and unique functional t-shirt or cap in super quality with the trademark "Everything For Dogs" JLDog at or 0902158535 because only 35 pieces were made and there are still a few pieces in sizes M, L available , XL and 2XL...

On the left sleeve as well as on the back there is a large inscription MALINOIS WORKING DOG, on the right sleeve and on the front is the logo "Everything For Dogs" JLDog...

T-shirt price €40/pc and cap €25/pc (last 6 pcs) + €2.40 postage... When ordering, the t-shirt or cap must be paid in advance to the account. Thank you for understanding.

New functional cap for 2022

Training vest "Everything For Dogs" JLDog

Training sweatshirt "Everything For Dogs" JLDog 

Training clothes "Everything For Dogs" JLDog