Also this year I had the honor to make a poster and a promo video for the Slovak national team at the FCI IGP WCH FMBB 2023, also in the Obedience, Agility and Mondio category in Romania - Oradei

Slovakia took 3rd place in the teams and Paľko Šlahor became vice-champion of the world

I was honored to design a clothing set, make a promo video as well as a poster for the Slovak national team at FCI IGP WCH FMBB 2022, also in the category of Obedience and Agility in Karpenissi, Greece 

Pali Šlahor overall 9th place, but again the best defense IGP FMBB 2022, Mirko Košičan 2nd place in the category Obedience and Maťka Gajdošová in agility Open Jumping Individual beautiful 5th place / 98 teams

World Vice-Champion FCI Obedience FMBB 2022 Mirko Košičan and Anneliesee Malstef "Arya"

FMBB 2022 Karpenissi, Greece - veterinary inspection 9. 5. 2022

FMBB 2022 Karpenissi, Greece 10. - 15. 5. 2022

Training camp - Mestečko 6. 3. 2022